Does the “E” in E-mail Stand for Endless?!?

Lately, my inbox has become a game of whack-a-mole.

No sooner do I delete, say, a dozen messages — not a single one announcing that a distant relative has bequeathed me a sprawling, all-expenses-paid estate in the Cotswolds — than another two dozen appear.

And spam filters never seem to catch the nasty varmints. ARRGGHHH.

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4 thoughts on “Does the “E” in E-mail Stand for Endless?!?

  1. msw blog

    Emails are a none winning battle. I have a few things that help me battle the “war” , 1) a designated hour in the morning for emails. 2) I have created a VIP list, so those emails appear first, and read first. 3) a signature that basically reads call me if this is urgent…lol

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