Quickly’s Believe It or Not

Whew, dear readers. After weeks of inactivity (blog-wise, that is) I have recently noticed more and more “can this be true?” events in the world.

You’ve probably seen the news story of actress Anne Heche driving out of control and hitting some unlucky woman’s house, causing it to burst into flames and destroying all of her possessions.

While Ms. Heche’s subsequent intubation and mental health issues may deserve sympathy too, here’s what has me shaking my head: WHY does the woman whose house was crashed into need a GoFundMe page to get her life back together, rather than millionaire Ms. Heche’s family immediately offering to pay what’s necessary??

And on a different note (literally), I was driving the other day and an old Eric Clapton song, “I can’t stand it” came on the radio.

My question: Who on God’s green earth would EVER cheat on Eric Clapton?!?

The mind boggles.

3 thoughts on “Quickly’s Believe It or Not

  1. snakesinthegrass2014

    I’ve only seen a couple of brief news articles about Anne Heche. I do recall her having a breakdown around the time she and Ellen Degeneres broke up, so I’m guessing she’s tragically had to deal with some level of mental illness since that time. I’m wondering just how much of a millionaire she might be? I don’t see her as an “A” list actress, to the extent that she ever was one. Just wondering… – Marty


  2. adguru101 Post author

    Hi Marty!
    Multiple sources list her net worth as $4 million. So not A-list as you point out but probably more than someone who needs a GoFundMe page when their home is destroyed.

    Sad for all concerned.



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