Welcome to Older, Fatter, Happier! In our youth-obsessed world, it’s easy to feel marginalized as we get older. So let’s metaphorically lift a glass (OK, literally if you must… make mine a Sidecar*) and toast to being on the other side of child-rearing, first job jitters and, hell, high school too.

With this blog, I plan to explore the ups and downs of aging stylishly, which means not just attempting to look halfway decent but also remembering to be kind to ourselves and others. And if you’re a former model or under 55, please leave now… there are lots of other online sandboxes to play in and this blog is for the rest of us.

           *A Perfect Sidecar
            To a shaker filled with ice, add:
           2 parts brandy or cognac (e.g., Courvoisier)
           1 part orange liqueur (e.g., Cointreau, Triple Sec or Grand Marnier)
          ½ part lemon juice
          Shake 20 times so it’s chilled but not watery. Strain into martini glass.

A Few Good Things About Getting Older

  • You can stop reading a book you don’t like instead of feeling obliged to finish it “to be polite”
  • You save hours not fussing with long hair
  • Flirting shamelessly seems charming, not desperate
  • You can leave a boring event early and no one will notice
  • That photo you hated ten years ago now looks really flattering
  • You can wear statement jewelry without looking as though you’re trying to impress anyone
  • You’ve outlived most trends so you can safely ignore them
  • No more wolf whistles, pinches, or lame come-ons. Men our age (mostly) have their shit together
  • You can quit the shrink – you know more than they do
  • “Brazilians” look silly
  • Nobody is cooler than Boomers. Nobody.