About me

I’m 5’5 1/4” but shrinking, and a busty size “smallish” who’s eternally fighting weight gain since marrying my second husband, an excellent cook. I suppose it would help if I gave up baking, cheese, wine and chocolate … yeah, sure.

Having spent my career in advertising (as a creative director/copywriter in New York and New Jersey), I relocated to Austin, TX in 2010 and happily quit the corporate world for freelance writing and the pursuit of the perfect sourdough recipe.

(Update 2022: I’m now fully retired, living in beautiful Oregon, and my bread is a lot better these days!)

I hope you’ll join me on my exploration of life as a “mid-century modern” (i.e., born in the ’50’s) and tell me what topics are on your mind as well. Here’s to us!

xo, Alisa

Alisa Gabriel, adguru101@wordpress.com; alisagabriel@olderfatterhappier.com


Don’t you just love dim lighting?!