Pandemic Chic

March is usually a wonderful time of year for those of us who love fashion. The magazines and runway reports are bursting with inspiration, and we’re ready to do a little shopping and look forward to wearing our new acquisitions.

Not these days, though.  Where are we going to wear a dazzling dress or sexy shoes?

For anyone still craving that undeniable lift, why not order a new pair of sensual silk pajamas in which to lounge around all Nick-and-Nora-Charles and pretend it’s a simpler time while sipping your Quarantini*?

Post image
 (per    *Shout out to Betsy xoxo.

Toss in some maribou-trimmed slippers, while you’re at it.

Since we’ve had to cancel our trip to London — so disappointing — I’m consoling myself with possibly the world’s most glamourous lipstick.  Admittedly pricey for a lipstick, but pretty reasonable for Hermès and totally fabulous.

The refillable case, designed by Pierre Hardy, is lacquered, polished, brushed metal that closes with the solid click of a luxury automobile.

I’m determined to wear this, even if it’s only for my own sanity.

And if all else fails …

Post image

6 thoughts on “Pandemic Chic

  1. Jen Lawrence

    Love the cartoon. We are supposed to be in Amsterdam right now. We are, instead, at home, stuffing ourselves with the products of stress-baking. At least the dog is happy to have everyone around. Love the silk PJs idea. Stay healthy.

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  2. adguru101 Post author

    Ugh, we are supposed to be in London right now 😦 Have you rescheduled your Amsterdam trip? (great city). Also stress-baking (cookies, bread, etc.) here. Just did a turmeric sourdough that was really good. What are you baking? Stay safe as well! xx Alisa

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