How Much Is Too Much?

Quick question for you experienced bloggers, and followers thereof:

How often do you want to see posts from people you follow?  For me, it’s about once a week so I have time to actually read, digest, and comment.  When posts arrive daily, I feel overwhelmed because I rarely have the time (or inclination, if I’m being honest) to give them appropriate attention.

Just curious.

xoxo, Alisa

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3 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much?

  1. adguru101 Post author

    Thanks; that seems to be a reasonable amount. I don’t know how people can post daily either, unless they are uploading photos or something requiring very little text. I’d love to see an analysis of how much the average person reads of the blogs they follow.


  2. msw blog

    I guess that depends on the content. I often post twice a day, but they are often very short post that makes you think and/or smile. I do post longer pieces, but not more then once a week as I want to be respectful of my readers time. Hope that helps…



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