Vain Hopes: DIY Eyelash Tinting

After my recent beauty misadventure, I currently find myself in Beauty Purgatory, aka the Oregon Coast, where the only day spa that did eyelash tinting has suddenly gone out of business.

I mean, is it me? WTF?!

Determined to find a solution, I order a lash tinting kit online after perusing some reviews.


The Godefroy “28 Day Mascara” comes with a tube of color and a tube of developer, plus an applicator and under-eye pads, which I quickly discover are a bit too thick and awkward.

The process is simple:

  1. First, wash and dry your lashes to remove any oils, creams and moisturizers.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly around the eye area, making sure not to get it on your lashes.
  3. Apply color, doing one eye at a time. I suggest using a disposable mascara wand.
  4. Apply developer and leave it on for one minute. Disposable wand for this, too.
  5. Wipe down eye with damp tissue and do the other eye.

Results: Meh, even though I do them twice.  I suspect I’d get better results if a) my lashes were longer, 2) my eyelids weren’t as droopy, 3) I didn’t blink 80,000 times while attempting this.

The search continues…. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I still haven’t heard anything from my erstwhile eyebrow guru.  I really hope she is ok.








2 thoughts on “Vain Hopes: DIY Eyelash Tinting

  1. Laura Schulman

    I was wondering if you’d escaped the Austin heat before it amped up. Glad you’re out there! I have found a fantastic salon here and they do nails too so I am happy! As for your eye lash tinting, you are so cute you can probably get away with some mascara only when you need some makeup and not worry until you get back to Austin.

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  2. adguru101 Post author

    What a sweet comment! So happy you’ve found a salon you like in C Springs; that’s great! I may HAVE to wait to deal with this until I’m back in Austin since I don’t seem to have other options. I’ll try to keep to dark rooms, LOL!! xxxx



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