Shopping Frenzy

My inbox is shrieking with Black Friday this, Cyber Monday that — all the bargains we have to have NOW! Because they’re GOING FAST! In a sale I WON’T WANT TO MISS!

The urgency is terrifying.

Here’s what I’d like to see reduced for the holidays at a new, LOW! LOW! PRICE — for all of us:

  1. The cable bill
  2. Property taxes
  3. Medical fees
  4. Legal fees
  5. The phone bill
  6. Utilities
  7. Insurance: car, homeowners’, medical, dental, you name it

And I don’t mean some temporary, lull-me-into-thinking-it’s-forever, special short-term deal; I want to see a minimum 50% off.  Is that too much to ask?!?

Guess I will have to settle for a new pair of boots, a replacement for my worn-out black cashmere cardigan, and my favorite about-to-be-discontinued lipstick. Sigh.

Are you shopping the sales? Finding some good bargains? Do share!

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6 thoughts on “Shopping Frenzy

  1. Sarah

    I don’t do the sales, because it so often ends up in imaginary lifestyle purchases. This year I stocked up on my favourite underwear from Hanro boutique.

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  2. msw blog

    Hahaha I am soooo with you on that list those discounts for three months or more would make so many folks truly happy. Only thing I did purchase was some long sleeve much needed super soft tee-shirts from Nordstrom Rack

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  3. Pret A Porter P

    I sat out on black friday/cyber monday. I did have a maniac shopping frenzy in October. Every year I do umm and ahhh over a robotic vacuum, but pet-less & child-less it seems so indulgently lazy, or a tv, havent watched it in 3 years and don’t miss it, I can never justify it.

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  4. adguru101 Post author

    I think of it as less indulgently-lazy, more time-for-something-more-interesting-than-housework.

    To each his/her own demons, right? Currently, mine seem to be boots. Can’t get enough of ’em.



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