I Vant To Be Alone (Sort Of)

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert? For me, it’s a frequent tug of war. While I love spending time with our family and friends, I’m basically shy and easily exhausted/overwhelmed by constant conversation. At the same time, I’d find it depressing to be a total recluse. Call me a closet introvert — or perhaps more accurately, a “schizovert” (a description I like better than ambivert, which sounds as though you have mixed feelings about standing upright.)

Where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you outgoing, a homebody, or a bit of both?

11 Signs You’re a Schizovert

  1. You dread parties but have fun once you’ve settled in.
  2. Your big presentation went well; now you need a nap.
  3. A lot of people think you’re salt-of-the-earth; just as many think you’re an asshole.
  4. You can whip up something for dinner when the kids bring unexpected friends over… but you’d rather they didn’t.
  5. At any gathering, you’re the last to arrive and the first to exit. (It’s not personal, I promise. We schizoverts just have a short social-attention span!)
  6. When your significant other is away, you leave the TV on to keep you company.
  7. You’re equally spontaneous and rigid.
  8. Going to the hairdresser and doctor qualify as social engagements.
  9. The busier you get, the more you want to take your phone off the hook.
  10. Your ideal number of pets is 0-1.
  11. You enjoy coming home from vacation as much as you enjoy leaving home.

Ironically, as I was writing this, I was invited to something — a result of making some wonderful new friends this summer. Note to P: I really would go if I could.

xo, AG


1 thought on “I Vant To Be Alone (Sort Of)

  1. Herbert Hickey

    Hi my friend, it was great to read this post. I thought that I had coined this term but googled it just to check😉. I never heard of this term or ambivert either for that matter, but on all the metrics regarding introvert and extrovert, I’ve always been conflicted. I love my time alone, my reflection and thinking time, my walks in the woods, etc. but I also long to be with people, I enjoy meeting others, spending time with my friendsetc. I often think of exploring new places but thi idea of doingvthings by myself doesn’t really occur to me. I went camping by myself just before the pandemic and it was great but I think it would have been just as enjoyable with others. Clubs are out unless I can “settle in with a group” . I think that the middle is always a spectrum. In some of your examples, my view would be slightly opposite. For instance, my presentation went well, now can we all just chat? I’m often the last to leave- i have no problem making up for time lost in isolation ( I love you so much you need to tell me to go!).

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