Does Your Blog Ever Make You Feel Guilty?

I’m continually in awe of all of you who post regularly no matter what! Much as I love to write and hear from those of you who make time to respond, I sometimes just can’t seem to fit it in. And I don’t even have the excuse of a full-time job!

Although I heartily dislike the whole concept of “guilt”, it does nag at me that I haven’t kept my bargain with myself. (Never mind the pandemic pounds I haven’t lost either.)

Take last week. A hastily-arranged trip to Texas to see family was followed by an equally hasty return to host, first, a visit with dear friends we don’t see often enough and then several intense days (Highs! Lows! Seafood! Cocktails!) with my two wonderful stepdaughters. All absolutely enjoyable but with no spare energy for the computer.

On a related note, have any of you watched the series “Guilt” currently in Season 2 on PBS in the US (which presumably aired before this in the UK)? Of course those guys are stealing, lying, murdering, etc., which makes me feel better about my own minor infractions. There’s guilt and then there’s GUILT.

Have a great week! xx Alisa

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8 thoughts on “Does Your Blog Ever Make You Feel Guilty?

  1. snakesinthegrass2014

    Hi, Alisa, I’m constantly in a state of guilt regarding blogging. If you blog, if you write, you ultimately have to read. It’s part of the bargain of being a blogger: you have to follow others and (hopefully) comment on what they’ve written. Yet, I find that to sometimes be a chore. Hence, I often feel guilty for ignoring bloggers!

    Re: PBS “Guilt.” We stopped watching. Season one (or “series one,” as the Brits say) we liked quite a bit. But this current season we feel isn’t as good. So we bailed. Do you like it? – Marty

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    1. adguru101 Post author

      I agree, Marty; I definitely feel that it’s only polite to comment on others’ blogs and I try not to follow too many. I’m on to Season 2/Episode 3 of “Guilt” and preferred Season One as well. The first season had interesting ambiguities… this time out, the characters seem more narrowly drawn.

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