Beauty Adventure: DIY Upkeep

(Suggested by my friend T, fellow struggler in the Quarantine Beauty Wars)

Who decided that hair salons and eyebrow professionals were “non-essential” services?!(Obviously, a man.) Ah well, one must soldier on during quarantine and strive to look semi-presentable for Zoom meetings as well as one’s own self-respect.

My current arsenal includes the following. What’s in yours, ladies?

L’Oreal Root Rescue.  Some wag recently wrote, “In 8 weeks, 88% of blondes will cease to exist.”  I do not aspire to the Pandemic Punk look (dark roots and lighter hair) so upkeep is mandatory! My highlights are still intact but my base layer needs ongoing assistance.  A zigzag part is helpful camouflage, too.

Texturizing scissors – If you snip a few layers around your face it will help freshen your style until you can finally get to your stylist.  Give him/her a larger-than-usual tip when you go!

Tweezers.  Does it get any better than Tweezerman?

Brow/Lash serum.  To boost skimpy eyelashes and/or brows, I like Godefroy double lash & brow, which you can find on Amazon. It’s an organic caster oil formula, and I’ve found it doesn’t redden my eyelids the way RevitaLash does. It’s also a lot less expensive but, then again, it’s also less effective.  (Why is this not surprising?)

Brow tint. Also by Godefroy, their TintKit comes in a lot of colors and is easy to use.  Start conservatively, e.g. 2 minutes, if you want a subtle change.

1000 Hour Lash & Brow Dye doesn’t last nearly that long, but is good in a pinch if you have pale lashes like mine and want some definition without putting on mascara. (And seriously, who’s putting on a full face of makeup for days spent indoors?) It takes practice and you need to go slowly, one eye at a time.

Moisturizers and face mask (the indoor kind). I’m currently on a retinol regimen so I’ve pared down a lot of my skin care, but am still using a few Murad products.

Nail care – I’m cursed with thin nails and a short nail bed so they never look great au natural, and all this handwashing makes them even worse.  Hoping Healthy Hoof will help strengthen them. To compensate, my red OPI Big Apple toes add some much-needed glamour.

DIY lip scrub –  Mix a tiny amount of butter with cinnamon and sugar.  The grains rub off dry skin, while the butter smoothes it.  And it tastes great if you happen to swallow any.

DIY body scrub – Mix sugar with any household oil, e.g. canola, olive or grapeseed, until you have a smooth paste that’s not too runny.  Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.



4 thoughts on “Beauty Adventure: DIY Upkeep

  1. adguru101 Post author

    Although many associate retinol with acne, my dermatologist suggested I try it to get rid of some pesky red spots. It took several weeks but has made a big difference. I’m using Altreno. At night, I wash with Neutrogena HydroBoost cleanser. Pat dry and follow with CeraVe hyaluronic acid serum and then Neutrogena HydroBoost gel moisturizer (any night cream with hyaluronic acid will do). While face is still moist, squeeze out a pea-sized drop of Altreno and pat it on in 3 places: forehead and each cheek. Then massage it all over face, doing nose and around the mouth last.

    In the morning, wash everything off with the cleanser, apply a little CeraVe and daytime moisturizer with SPF.

    This has definitely improved my skin texture and brightness, but there is some mild peeling for the first few weeks before you adjust to it.


  2. Jen

    I love learning other people’s beauty routines. I use Ecobrow and Blinc mascara. I slap on my Ilia multistick for blush. I just cut my own hair with sharp sewing scissors. It’s fine. I cut my bangs a few months ago. Never again. Thank heavens it grows fast and I can tuck it behind my ear. I haven’t coloured my hair in 18 months so I’ve had pandemic hair for a while. It looks deliberate now. I swear by Dior Abricot cream to save my nails. I wear it at night with cotton gloves. I need to find a good mask. My skin is looking non-glowy right now from all the time outside. Stay safe!

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  3. adguru101 Post author

    “Pandemic hair” LOL!! I’ve been hearing about Blinc mascara… something new to try. Likewise, Dior Abricot. I love the SKII mask although it drips all over the place and you look like Hannibal Lechter!



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