Unboxing: One of Life’s Small Pleasures

I’m a sucker for a great presentation.  And what’s more enjoyable than ordering something you want or need, and having it arrive beautifully packaged? Suddenly, it’s a special occasion that’s all about YOU.

My old passport case was getting a bit ratty, and it was a dark brown, always difficult to find in my bag. I finally found what I wanted online and decided to treat myself.

  1. Plain carton arrives.  I know what’s in it so no surprise there, right?
  2. But… when I open it, a beautiful card pops up on the lid.IMG-1347.jpg
  3. Cool! This has my initials on it. IMG-13484. A box within a box…IMG-13495. And now, the box my item is actually in….IMG-13506. Safely protected in its little pouch…IMG-13517.  The perfect shade of red.IMG-13528. With lots of room for credit cards and money too.IMG-1353 (1).jpg

Why shouldn’t something practical also be beautiful? Just looking at this makes me eager to plan my next trip abroad.

Treat yourselves to a great weekend, dear readers! xoxo, Alisa

5 thoughts on “Unboxing: One of Life’s Small Pleasures

  1. Sarah

    Love love this! I find most ‘unboxing’ posts and you tube extravaganzas a little underwhelming, but this is real fun. You ordered it from Paris?

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  2. adguru101 Post author

    Thanks Sarah, I agree — most of those YouTube unboxings take for-freakin’-ever. And yes, I ordered from Paris and will undoubtedly do it again. The service was impeccable.

    I am endlessly envious that you get to “commute” so often from London to Paris… and impressed that you don’t blow off work to shop whenever you go!



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