Beauty Adventures: I Was a Late-Middle-Aged Hair Model

Time: a couple of weeks ago.

I’m recruited by my salon to test a new smoothing treatment.  I have high hopes, since I’ve been waiting for them to find a replacement for the straightening treatment I’d loved and which, sadly, has been discontinued.

This will be fun and instructive — I’m a geek about beauty info — and hey, it’s free.

I arrive for the class at 9 a.m. sharp  (a model must always be professional!) and have coffee while the stylists arrive.  There are six in all, including S, my go-to stylist, and they’re eager to learn about the new product.

Before she starts the presentation, the representative for Keratin Complex asks me about my hairstyle goals and lifestyle, e.g., do I do a lot of vigorous aerobic workouts? (Um, no.)

I do explain that I’d like my unruly waves to become as smooth and “ruly” as possible so that my hair can air-dry without a lot of fuss.  She explains that this process will smooth my hair and loosen the curl but it won’t straighten it the way a chemical process would. This is disappointing, but did I mention it’s free?

(IF I just let my hair dry naturally…) IMG-1110

All the stylists sit in a circle and K passes around information on the products and levels of curl. (Mine is considered moderate; I was hoping for something more dramatic, such as, “Wow, your hair will be such a challenge!”) I love all the technical stuff.

The company offers two types of treatments: an “express”, which is what we’ll be testing today and lasts up to 5 weeks, and a more in-depth option that should last about 5 months.

S washes my hair and K shows the team how to apply the product, comb it through, blow dry, and then do several passes with a special flat iron.  Each stylist takes turns doing sections of my hair, which is a bit weird, but they are here to practice. The whole thing takes about an hour, but a lot of that is Q&A from the class.

When they finish, my hair is shiny and silky, and the treatment has brightened up my highlights. I’m instructed to wait at least 24 hours before washing it, and I’m given small bottles of the brand’s sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to use at home.

K says that she charges $75-$150 at her salon for the express treatment. This sounds a little steep to me, given that it’s only going to last a few weeks.  I’m thinking it should be priced more like a glaze since it’s not a straightening procedure that would alter the hair’s chemical structure for long-term results.

Anyway, off I go, armed with my products, to see how it works in real life.

The next day, my stylist texts to ask if I like the results (yes) and would I be willing to pay that amount for the treatment. (Honestly? Probably not.)

Two weeks and a few shampoos later, here’s my assessment: While my hair is a bit smoother and less likely to frizz, it’s not as silky as it was when I had the treatment. It’s still wavier than I would like, and takes a lot of time to blow-dry. To get a similar look I’d have to use a flat iron, which I try to avoid because it’s so damaging.

However, I’d recommend Keratin Complex to someone who isn’t looking to change their natural texture but does want their hair to be softer, smoother, shinier and resistant to humidity. 

Would this treatment appeal to you? How much would you be willing to pay?

(Left) After salon treatment.  (Right) Minimal styling, 2 weeks later.






15 thoughts on “Beauty Adventures: I Was a Late-Middle-Aged Hair Model

  1. Laura Schulman

    Your hair looks great but I think it looks cute curly too. (Looks like mine lol) Hair looks like it had tons of body after treatment too!

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  2. Pamela Yu

    I agree with the first comment – I like your hair the way it was originally…but either styling option is just fine for you…this brings back memories for me, of having a curly perm (yes, me!!), & 4 decades later, a Brazilian blowout, which made my hair smoother, but was so not worth the $80 pricetag…but hey, why did you say no to the sweaty aerobic workouts????? We are about to do one together in Austin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. adguru101 Post author

      I would love to see a photo of you with a perm!! It’s true, Pilates can get sweaty but she was wondering if I did something intense where I’d be showering multiple times a day and my walks and 3x/week mat class aren’t quite that energetic! 😀


  3. Lily Pierce

    I guess it’s true that the grass is always greener on the other side because I wish I could borrow your curls from the first pic! My hair is straight-ish with some wave and tends to be flat/greasy. Thank goodness for dry shampoo.

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  4. Ona Hamilton

    I agree with others that your hair is beautiful any of the ways you show it. You are lucky you can forego straightening and blow outs if you feel like it. I used to get Keratin treatments, but then they started making my hair fall out so that’s one less thing I have to spend money on. I never buy beauty products or fancy clothes any more either (really, who needs to with Buykud and Zara?). Older women like me are bad for the economy.

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  5. adguru101 Post author

    Thanks for commenting, and sadly, no heads have been turning, haha! When I go in for my usual haircut/color next week I’ll be interested to see if they’ve tried this on “real” customers and what the results were.

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  6. Kate

    Wow your hair looks nice in all of the pics. I have fine straight hair so I would need the opposite sort of treatment.. I guess that would be a perm, lol. The treatment does seem a little pricey.


    1. adguru101 Post author

      Thanks, Kate, you are very kind! I will be trying the longer-term treatment next month and sure hope it is worth the money. I envy your straight hair, LOL!



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