Holiday Wishes

Dear Readers,

Happy Christmas/Boxing Day/Hanukkah/Sunday, depending on where you are and what (if anything) you celebrate. It’s been a hectic week here, what with my daughter visiting from California (a good thing), and the garage door suddenly deciding to break down (a very-not-good thing), though with a happy ending since I was miraculously able to find a mechanic to fix it.

Hope you are all enjoying some time off from work and some time doing whatever’s meaningful. To that end, I have to share this amazing video celebrating Hanukkah, xxAlisa

7 thoughts on “Holiday Wishes

  1. Pamela Yu

    Hi Alisa,

    This was wonderfully silly & hilarious – where in the world do you find things like this??? Thanks for sending; I needed a laugh!

    I wish you a happy holiday season & peaceful changes for the new year – in every realm of our lives…..I hope you have been well, glad to hear that your daughter is with you & Richard; I have wondered how you are liking your renovated home?

    I miss you & still think about you whenever I bake bread…..

    Love, Pamela

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