Random Act of Kindness

The world certainly needs more “raves” and fewer “rants”, per this lovely blog post I’m sharing today.

Real Life of an MSW

I want to offer a huge shout out to fellow riders of the northbound Link Light Rail from Sea-Tac to downtown Seattle recently. Mid-route, the doors opened and a homeless man carrying a crate and a shopping bag entered the train and slumped to the floor. A train employee approached the man asking if he was OK, and would he please move to a seat so the train could continue running. The man did seem inebriated but moved to the seat indicated by the employee near another passenger.

This smartly dressed male passenger repeatedly told the train employee to kick the homeless man out, that he did not want this man sitting next to him. The homeless man covered his head, distressed almost to tears.

Most of the other passengers called out things like, “Leave him alone, he’s OK.” My heart swelled to hear so many kind and compassionate riders…

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