Wistful Thinking

There are so many things I miss these days, from the prosaic to the profound.  Among them:

  • Free samples at Costco and Trader Joe’s
  • Visiting with my kids
  • Dinner out with friends
  • Responsible government leadership
  • A proper haircut
  • A decent pedicure
  • My group exercise class
  • Anxiety-free sleep
  • News that’s actually news
  • Space to roam
  • My waistline

But perhaps the one thing I miss most of all is the anticipation of upcoming travel.  For those of us who love a change of scenery — whether exotic or familiar — there is something deeply satisfying about planning a trip down to the last detail, while leaving lots of room for unexpected developments. (The good kind, not the “oh s*** I’m suddenly quarantined in a foreign country” kind.)

I’m enjoying vicarious adventures through other bloggers’ posts, but we all know it’s hardly the same.  Having cancelled our London trip planned for March, and now deciding not to play “beat the odds” with the trip to France we’d scheduled for this summer, I feel a bit adrift.

And wondering… what do YOU miss most these days?

airplane window view of airplane wing and clouds

Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “Wistful Thinking

  1. B

    I suffer from recurring shoulder pain and two things that really help are yoga and massages. Both of these activities allow me to really relax and actually unplug (without a cocktail). Doing yoga in the living room just doesn’t have the same effect for me, because my To Do list swirls in the air of my apartment. It’s too easy to cut the class short or let interruptions distract me. When my shoulder started aching a few days ago, the realization that I couldn’t get a massage, even if I wanted one, was disheartening. When the world opens back up and it is safe to venture out, these will be on the top of my list!

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  2. adguru101 Post author

    Oh, massages… I miss them, too! Shoulder pain is truly miserable and I hope yours improves soon. I find that CBD cream and arnica help. Feel better! xx


  3. Jen

    I really miss travel planning too. Both of my kids are asking when we are next going somewhere and I have to tell them I really don’t know. I miss lunch out with friends. And seeing my parents (although we talk daily). So much of my routine has stayed the same but those niceties are missing. Oh, and live music and theatre. So far I’ve missed Swan Lake, Hamilton and I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga will be cancelled. Watching artists perform online is just not quite the same. Stay safe!

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  4. msw blog

    I too miss those free samples at Costco and Trader Joe’s. I have had to cancel one trip last month we have one planned for this summer and autumn. I am going to wait this out as I really need these trips to happen 🙂

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