Stack, Scramble and Roll

I sing this song every January: it’s time to clean out, throw away, and straighten up my closet. A well-organized wardrobe is a joy forever — or at least for a couple of months until it becomes an unholy mess again.

Part of the exercise is deciding how best to arrange what’s left.  There are several schools of thought on this scintillating topic.



This works best for shelves, so you can see what color shirts or sweaters you have. I find it less useful in drawers because I always have to dig through to find what I want — inevitably it’s on the bottom.


When you hang everything, it can easily become a jumble of colors, lengths, and items.  One school of thought is to organize everything by color, a system in which all black items — jackets, pants, skirts, tops — would be grouped together.

It seems to me that it would be harder to find something specific; have you tried this approach?  My compromise is to hang similar items together, arranged by color.


Although I often pack this way when traveling, it never occurred to me to roll things at home. Miraculously, items DO take up less space in the drawer, and now I can see what I have.  Works wonders for socks, underwear, t-shirts and jeans.


As a native New Yorker, it’s no surprise that most of my clothes are black, grey, and navy regardless of where I live, with a few pieces in the offwhite/tan/khaki range tossed in. This probably explains why my occasional wild foray outside the neutral zone is often unsuccessful. Note to self: do not buy bright colors, however appealing. You’ll always reach for something else.

Keeping things neat is a constant work in progress. How about you?  Is your closet beautifully organized, a hot mess, or somewhere in between?






7 thoughts on “Stack, Scramble and Roll

    1. My Style Journey

      Loved seeing your photos. I organise similarly to you. Although I consider myself a neutral girl too, I do have a bit more colour in my own closet. My OCD doesn’t allow me to let my closet become unorganised. I think I drive Matilda mad. When we shoot a video, I have to make sure everything goes back exactly where it was asap LOL. She’s very patient with my idiosyncrasies. Your colour coding is also a great tip. I love seeing everything in a row like that. Makes my heart happy xo

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      1. adguru101 Post author

        I have a few cardigan-style jackets in colours — 2 in a red tweed and 1 in blue — and I do wear them but they don’t get as much rotation. I recently realized it’s because I’m an inverted triangle shape and darker colours on top are more flattering. Funny how what we choose instinctively may be what’s best for us 🙂

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  1. Jen Lawrence

    I organize a couple of times a year. I think our approaches are similar. I hang things by clothing type and then colour. The very seasonal pieces (ski sweaters, shorts) get moved to the back of the closet out of season. I roll tees in my drawers. I fold sweaters. I love being organized as it helps me to not shop.

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